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Efus' “Security, Democracy and Cities” international conference, originally scheduled in November, will be held on 26, 27 and 28 May 2021 in Nice (FR). Last month, we announced that this conference, a key moment in the life of our association, had to be postponed because of the uncertainties linked to the Covid-19 sanitary crisis, in particular on travel. Efus wishes to thank its partners, notably the City of Nice, for having reorganised their schedule so swiftly.

Efus' web conferences are back in September!

The success of Efus' web conferences during lockdown, which gathered a of about 1,000 attendees, shows your interest in exchanging 'live' with other network members and partners on urban security topics. We have thus decided to continue these exchanges after the summer. Do not hesitate to contact us if there are topics you'd like to see addressed... and see you in September!


The LOUD project's fourth and last online webinar on alternative narrative campaigning addressed the key issue of how to measure a campaign's impact and effectiveness. Held online, it gathered 30 attendees and was presented by Gifty Boachie, data strategist at the non-governmental organisation Shelter, which provides help to homeless people in England and Scotland.
At a time when European local and regional authorities are facing the consequences of the Covid crisis on social cohesion, the partners of the MATCH SPORT (Make Amateur Sport Tolerant by Eliminating Racism and Discrimination) project discussed how amateur sport can contribute to strengthening it during their fourth coordination meeting, which was held online on 2 and 3 July. The main items on the meeting's agenda were the local pilot projects and the communication campaign to be launched in September to coincide with the European Week of Sport.


In the framework of its working group on Security & Innovation, Efus launched a new series of web conferences on new technologies in urban security to promote the exchange of experiences amongst peers. Held on 25 June, the web conference on predictive policing offered participants the opportunity to hear from experts in the field and discuss the effectiveness and impacts of this relatively novel policing approach in EU countries.


What is polarisation? Is it always damaging? Who are the polarising actors? What can be done to prevent or mitigate it? Expert for the European BRIDGE project on polarisation, which is led by Efus, and Professor at the University of Applied Sciences of Salzburg (AT), Markus Pausch has penned a detailed analysis of this process, which is eroding our democracies./ Read the full article here.


Efus at the sixth meeting of the Partnership on the security of public spaces of the Urban Agenda for the European Union

The co-coordinators of the Partnership on the security of public spaces of the Urban Agenda for the European Union, Efus and the cities of Nice (FR) and Madrid (ES), as well as other Partnership members participated in their sixth meeting, which was held online on 17-19 June. Now halfway through its three-year mandate, the Partnership is about to finalise the consultation phase on its Action Plan, prior to implementing six “key actions”.

In the framework of this partnership, we invite you to participate in the questionnaires relating to the draft action proposed by the Urban Agenda for the European Union. The aim is to gather public feedback on the six draft actions. 

 (By clicking on the link, you will find a menu with the six draft actions, click on one of them to access the questionnaire relating to the selected action.)

Efus becomes a partner of the European Parliament's URBAN intergroup

With the objective of strengthening the role of local and regional authorities within European institutions, Efus has become a partner in the European Parliament's URBAN intergroup. Gathering 89 MEPs representing most of the Member States and 143 external partners representing European local and regional authorities, including Efus, this group works on all issues linked to urban security. Through this official partnership, Efus can discuss urban security issues with MEPs, put forward the concerns and priorities of local and regional authorities, and strengthen the links between MEPs and European locally elected officials.
An expert for the PACTESUR project on the protection of public spaces against terrorism and street art specialist based in Liège (BE), Michaël Nikolaï explains how art in public spaces can strengthen local residents' feelings of security as well as social cohesion.


The BRIDGE, BRaVE and GREASE European projects are jointly presenting a workshop on the set of indicators they have developed to measure the efficiency of policies and practices to prevent violent extremism and radicalisation. Aimed at national, regional and local governemental actors, European institutions, civil society organisation and academics, the workshop will be held online on Wednesday 23 September, from 12h00 to 14h00 CEST.
Efus' working group on organised crime led by the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam (NL), is organising an online meeting on the local roots and impacts of organised crime on 23 September to discuss the main areas of work in preparation of Efus’ international conference on 26, 27 and 28 May 2021 in Nice.


The Desporto Mexe Comigo (“sports move with me”) programme of the municipality of Lisbon (PT) seeks to promote social inclusion and give free access to sports activities to children and youngsters from the city's deprived neighbourhoods. This practice sheet was produced by the Efus-led MATCH SPORT project on the prevention of discrimination, racism and intolerance in amateur sport.


Reserved for Efus members, the Efus Network collaborative platform offers a range of benefits, such as networking, access to Efus' documentation resources, and updates on calls for projects. We invite you to regularly check it out!



23/09/2020, Meeting of the working group on organised crime - 10h CEST online 

• 30/09/2020,

BRIDGE training on polarisation, Leuven, Belgium

23/09/2020, Prevention of violent extremism and radicalisation - Online workshop -  12h00 CEST

26-27-28/05/2021, Security, Democracy & Cities Conference, Nice, France - Information